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Advanced Reboot Tools (ROOT) Advanced Reboot Tools (ROOT) Beliebt

Advanced Reboot Tools is a package of different options for restarting your phone, saving time and fiddly button combinations.
In the app there are options for:

  • A safe reboot, similar to powering the phone off and on but handsfree
  • A force reboot, which restarts the device without waiting for apps to close
  • A soft reboot, which restarts android without restarting your phone's hardware
  • Reboot to recovery, taking you directly to recovery mode without button combinations
  • Reboot to bootloader, taking you directly to bootloader mode without button combinations
  • Quick shutdown, which turns your phone off instantly without waiting for apps to close.

These give lots of flexibility to people who are tweaking their device and want to speed up the process.

NOTE: Some of the options require root access and busybox to be installed.

Erstelldatum 2019-04-13
Version v1.0
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