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Geno Recovery Menu Huawei Ascend G615

Das Geno Recovery Menu der Huawei Smartphones ist oft in chinesischer Sprache. Für diejenigen, die dieser Sprache nicht mächtig sind, hier die Übersicht in englischer Sprache.

Aufgerufen wird das Menue durch Drücken der Lauter-Taste währen des Einschalten des Smartphones. Die Navigation durch das Menue erfolgt über die Lauter/Leiser-Tasten.

(1) Reboot System now
(2) Install ZIP from SD card
(3) Install ZIP from sideload
(4) Wipe data / factory reset
(5) Wipe Cache
(6) Backup and restore
(7) Flash Memory / format
(8) Advanced Settings
(9) Turn off the phone

(1) “Reboot System now” just does what it says.

(2) Sub-menu for “Install Zip from SD card”
(2.1) Choose ZIP from SD card
(2.2) Update from SDcard/update.zip
(2.3) Toggle signature verification
(2.4) Choose zip from internal SD card
(2.5) <<– GO BACK to main menu

(3) “Install Zip from Sideload” allows you to flash a ZIP file via ADB from your computer with the command adb sideload.

(4) “Wipe data / factory reset” allows you to wipe (completely erase) the data and cache partitions of your device, deleting all non-system apps and relative data, restoring the device to factory status.

(5) “Wipe cache” erases the cache partition on your device. So far useless.

(6) Sub-menu for “Backup and Restore”
(6.1) Backup
(6.2) Restore
(6.3) Delete
(6.4) Advanced restore
(6.5) Free unused backupd data
(6.6) Choose backup format
(6.7) Backup to internal SD card
(6.8) Restore from internal SD card
(6.9) Advanced restore from internal SD card
(6.10) Delete from internal SD card
(6.11) <<– GO BACK to main menu

(7) Sub-menu for “Flash memory / format” menu
(7.1) Mount /sdcard
(7.2) Mount /system
(7.3) Mount /cache
(7.4) Mount /data
(7.5) Mount /cust
(7.6) Mount /external_sd
(7.7) Format /sdcard
(7.8) Format /system
(7.9) Format /cache
(7.10) Format /data
(7.11) Format /cust
(7.12) Format /external_sd
(7.13) mount SD to your PC
(7.14) <<– GO BACK to main menu

(8) Sub-menu for “Advanced Settings”
(8.1) Reboot Recovery
(8.2) Wipe Dalvik-cache
(8.3) Wipe battery stats
(8.4) Report error
(8.5) Key test
(8.6) Move log to esternal SD card
(8.7) Fix permission
(8.8) Partition SD card (select ext and swap size, the rest are memory drives)
(8.9) <<– GO BACK to main menu

(9) “Turn off the phone” does exactly what it says.



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